Mind Coaching is an effective technique to eliminate the barriers and obstacles which prevent us from achieving our goals. Today we are over trained physically, and under trained mentally. The mind should be used as much, and in harmony with, the body.

about Don Macpherson 

Don Macpherson is a British mind coach with a background in sports psychology, who works with many world-class sports professionals:

F1 racing drivers, Premiership footballers, snooker champions, Ryder Cup golfers, Wimbledon tennis champions etc, helping them overcome their phobias, lack of confidence, stress – in fact, with any psychological aspect of their performance.


— Nov 30, 2018

Don on George Ford

George Ford discusses Don's work

— Oct 5, 2018

Don on Messi

Don on Lionel Messi's Mind

the "monkey mind"

Don uses the phrase "the monkey mind" to describe the internal voice in our heads that chatter away, distracting us, and causing us to lose focus and attention.

Controlling the "monkey mind" can make all the difference in high concentration environments.