about don macpherson

don_head.jpgDon Macpherson is a British mind coach with a background in sports psychology.

He works with many world-class sports professionals – F1 racing drivers, Premiership footballers, snooker champions, Ryder Cup golfers, Wimbledon tennis champions etc, helping them overcome their phobias, lack of confidence, stress – in fact, with any psychological aspect of their performance. 

improving performance

During the last ten years, his main interest has been on performance in both elite sport and business. However, more recently, his focus has evolved and widened into the broader sphere of how the mind affects general well-being.


"transferrable skills"

Now, having worked successfully with people from all walks of life – business executives, small business owners, housewives, those with life-altering or even life-threatening diseases and school children – Don has managed to achieve optimum performance and bring about positive change. The mind, just like a muscle, must be exercised on a regular basis.

Don is also known as " the mindbender " a nickname coined by a well known sunday newspaper, during his time working with a world snooker champion, and then subsequently used in a program with the BBC.

brain_mag.jpghow Don works

Using guided meditation techniques, bio-feedback technology and his wealth of performance improvement techniques, Don helps to treat the real causes of performance issues.

In small groups or usually in 1 to 1 sessions, Don utilises his vast experience and knowledge in helping people to focus and improve their concentration whilst remaining calm and relaxed.