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Don Macpherson is a British mind coach known as ‘The Monkey Whisperer’ who uses ancient techniques combined with modern neuroscience, all centred around the notion of ‘The Monkey Mind’.

Chinese Buddhists call the voice in your head ‘the Monkey Mind’, because they believe it resembles a restless monkey, swinging aimlessly from tree to tree, commenting on everything you do and how you should do it – controlling and understanding the

Monkey Mind is key to your future happiness.


His most high-profile work has been coaching dozens of world-class sports professionals, including F1 racing drivers, Premiership footballers, international rugby players, snooker champions, Ryder Cup golfers, Wimbledon tennis champions etc.


Don has helped scores of world-class athletes overcome confidence issues, stress, anxiety, sharpen their focus and maximise their concentration – in fact, with many psychological aspects of their performance. Don has also spent years helping people who are not in the public eye to ‘tame their Monkey Mind’, from pre-teens to pensioners, people from all walks of life -business executives, small business owners, housewives, those with life-altering or even life threatening issues and school children. Don helps them with a hugely diverse range of issues such as anxiety, sleep, food, body image, confidence, relationships, personal achievement, and more.

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