Anxiety Buster MP3

It is perfectly normal to feel concerned, frightened, anxious, overwhelmed and worried about Coronavirus

and its impact on you, your family and loved ones, as well as your job, finances and future plans.


However, you can take positive, proactive steps to keep your morale strong, your confidence high and your mental well-being bouyant. 


Simply fill in this form and tell me the key concerns you have, the people and parts of your life that you miss, and the aspects of this unprecedented crisis

that worry you most.


I will then create a bespoke Anxiety Buster mp3 for you personally,

which will enable you

to emerge from these challenging times more positive, calm, relaxed and optimistic than ever before!

What You Get...

 My unique audio recordings are used by Formula 1 racing drivers, professional golfers, international rugby and soccer players, as well as top snooker stars.

They are also utilised by  heart surgeons, teens experiencing exam stress and other challenges, clients with significant health issues, individuals who experience difficulties around 

food and a host of other people simply wanting

help and guidance.

These are now available to help YOU

feel more calm, relaxed and confident in these challenging times.

The mp3 takes you through guided visualisation, relaxation techniques and bespoke personalised content, designed to capture and let you ‘experience’

all the treasured parts of your daily life that you may be

missing so much. 

Each mp3 is highly personalised to you and you only, and will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and confident, full of optimism and excitement for the fantastic times ahead!

Each bespoke Anxiety Buster mp3 normally costs around £350 but in these difficult times for everybody,

I am offering them at just £100

PLUS I will donate 50% of my fee to NHS charities who have done so much to help us all.

Submit this form and I'll be in touch!

Love, Don Macpherson

Bust Your Anxiety!