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Damon Hill, 1996 Formula 1 World Champion

"I first met Don when I was still racing, about 1997 and we talked a lot about the mind in a sporting context. Naturally, this was an area of special interest to me and I quickly realised that he knew what he was talking about. What we learn in sport about our mind is a very transferable skill to all areas of life, and I’m keen to see what Don has to say on how we help young people counter the onslaught of our

contemporary western culture."

George Ford, England Rugby star

"One area people don’t invest enough time in these days is the mental side. Everybody trains physically, on the field or in the gym. But the mental side is such a huge part. Don’s been brilliant . . . he gives you tools to go away and use, to ensure you’re training your brain."

Alexander Rossi, American IndyCar Racer and winner of the Indy 500

"Choosing to work with Don was one of the best decisions that I made off-track in my racing career. Motorsport is very much a mental game as much as it is a sport of physic- ality and bravery and many drivers struggle to overcome the mental barriers that go along with the immense pressure of competing against a clock, as well as other teams and drivers. Don provided me with the tools to be able to compartmentalize all of these pressures so that, when I was behind the wheel, I could focus solely on performing at my best and extracting the most performance out of the machine."

Kazuki Nakajima, Formula One Driver and three- time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner

"I started to work with Don when I was racing for the Wil- liams F1 team. At the time, I had to deal with so many new challenges all at the same time including huge pressure to perform on the race track. The work with Don certainly helped me to deal with the ‘monkey’ in my brain and to focus what I had to do in a racing car. All those sessions to practice meditation, breathing, visualization, are still clearly in my mind and these are my assets even now. I believe these techniques are useful not only in extreme conditions but also on a daily basis . . . I hope this book will find many people who need help!"

Dr Kerry Spackman, Cognitive Neuroscientist

"‘Quite simply, Don knows what works and what doesn’t, so you can trust his advice, just as some of the world’s most successful athletes have. It has been a genuine pleasure working with Don over the years."

Anthony Watson, England Rugby star

“The effect it has had on my game and my ability to control

nerves and to remain calm has been huge. I can’t thank him

enough for the work he has done for me.”

Coco Vandeweghe, US Grand Slam Doubles winner

and twice Grand Slam Singles semi-finalist.

"Don Macpherson: the monkey whisperer, the monkey

tamer, the man that loves Jaguar cars . . . I like to call Don

the man that proved me wrong and I don’t say that often.

In taming my monkey

mind, Don has brought me to heights that I didn’t think

I would ever reach, not only in tennis but in life."

Dr Raj, One of the world’s leading cardiac surgeons

"Not many books are as aptly named as this one.  The ‘Monkey’ in our mind is hardwired to ensure our survival. Don showed me how to tame my Monkey Mind and has everything in this book to help people turn themselves from ‘Worrier to Warrior’."

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 07.48.32.png

David Brabham, 2009 Le Mans 24hrs winner and Formula One Racing Driver

"I had an experience in 1987 where I got into a mental state that took my performance in a car to a level I never knew existed and it was the start of a journey of discovery of how the mind plays a huge role in creating our reality. From that moment, I looked at how I could improve my thinking to find that extra bit behind the wheel. I feel very lucky to know Don."

Mike Ford, English Rugby Union Coach

"Don understood from the get-go that I wanted a mental skills coach who made my players better rugby players, not amateur psychologists.All the players loved the way Don works, making the way the brain works simple for them to understand which is no easy task when you have 40 different human beings with different ways of learning and their own way of looking at things, certainly unique to rugby. I only wish I had met Don earlier because he gave me tools and helped me enjoy life more and be a better person."

Pat Cash, Wimbledon Champion 1987

"I decided to try some mind management to help me deal with pressure, expectations, injuries and the uncertainty that follows many an athlete at the end of their career. I found Don's work truly beneficial and his knowledge of the pro sports person's mind impressive, to say the least. Don has the ability to understand and navigate what can be a minefield of distractions and issues."

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